This is the bike you've been asking for. We have had so many people wanting to "Build their own bike" but they found that all of the so-called "kits" on the market left a lot to be desired so Southside Customs changed all of that. We now offer 5 different kits to get you on the road at a price you can afford.

Dago Red was put together using our "S.O.B" kit, which stands for "Simple Old Bike" and what you see is what you get! It's a rigid frame/200 rear tire, 6 up 4 out 40 degrees in the neck, 110 Cu.In. motor/6-speed tranny/open primary, spoked wheels/Avon tires, wiring harness, oil/fluids, hell it even comes with an assembly manual for the "Do-It Yourselfer".

With Dago you can't go wrong. Everything you need is in the box, and it's all high quality pieces. All the hard work is done, we have taken care of the welding and fabrication work, and setup all of the spacing for you. It's just waiting for you to paint, assemble, gas and go! But have no fear if you're a little short on tools, or your time is tied up with a honey-do list, we can put it together for you. Just to make this kit even better, it comes with a 3 year warranty on the engine.

If Dago Red is not your style we do have other kits available to choose from. We have 5 styles from an old school bobber to a bagger, and if you want to make it 100% yours we can build your own custom creation from the ground up. Just like the name says, "Custom" Built like you want it!

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The name pretty much says it all. This is one of the most "super radical" bikes to ever pound down main street. In an industry that changes at the speed of light, this one stands alone.

This bike was not built for the faint of heart, "Risky" will take your breath just looking at it. For C.J., who in his past drove nitro funny cars before founding Southside Customs and getting into building custom bikes for "kicks", this is a natural.

In C.J.'s words, "We wanted to build something a bit different, kind of a street version of a top-fuel drag bike. The bike is a lot of fun to ride. It's got the power to light the tire any time you want to. None of this 'up against the wall' stuff. You can just reach up and grab a handful at a thirsty roll and burn one." You can tell he loves the horsepower and this one has it! At over 12 and a half feet from end to end, super low stance, monster rear rubber, cubic inches from hell, supercharger, and (as if it needed it) it even has nitrous. C.J. said "Well to tell the truth, the bottle was a bit overkill".

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but no picture can do this bike justice. C.J. wanted to make sure credit was given to all who helped with this project: "I just want to thank the entire Southside team for this build. I put these guys through hell on this one." A big "thank you" to Thad Cooke for another great paint job, Matt Hutchinson from the weld shop, Buff and his "super pipes" and last but truly not least, my brother Steve for the countless hours that went into this deal.".

This bike made its debut in Gaffney, South Carolina, at the "Hames Biker Build-Off" and won the show. Two weeks later, in Concord, North Carolina, at "Liquid Steel" the boys walked away with a pile of "steel" including the "Hooters Choice" award. These boys are serious, they got into this to prove a point, and their not backing off. Theres business, and there's "Risky Business"... 'Nuff said!

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This project started when we were approached by Jim Jones from Rock Hill, South Carolina. He told us that he had a '74 FXE that he had since it was new and he wanted to do something different with it.

Jim has been around bikes all of his life, and being from the New York area, the works of the late Indian Larry have been an influence. When Jim said "I want a bike that looks like something Indian would build if he built a swing arm bike", it was a statement that made our heads turn, because of the fact that Larry in our mind "IS" the epitome of the custom bike builder. This was a project that we wanted in our shop. As with any project, there is a plan. This particular bike for us had 2 main goals. First being to make Jim happy, simply because he is the customer and this bike was "special" for him. Second was to build a bike that had a look that would honor Larry without being of dishonor by building a copy bike. Here is what we came up with. Jim was very happy with it, we only wish Larry was still around to tell us what he thinks of it.

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This bike is a prime example of what can be done with "junk" and "imagination". Thad Cook, "The Paintman", outgrew his sportster and wanted to build his big-twin bike but had a very limited budget. With the help of Matt Hutchinson the "master welder", this bike was put together mostly from old parts and junk sitting around the shop. Thad, who loves to drag race in his spare time, had an idea about using old car parts for a "hot-rod" theme. Since he had never rode a bike with a foot clutch and a suicide shifter before, he figured he would put the bike together and ride it for the rest of the summer to get used to it before he painted it. After the summer ended he saw that the bike had too much "attitude" like it is, what you see is what you get.

Though we can't take a lot of credit for this bike this was one of the most "fun" builds we have been involved with, and we think one of the best. It reminds us of why we do this. We build them to ride. They are simply a way to get together with friends and enjoy doing things together. Anybody can make one "look good" with chrome and paint, but when you can leave all that stuff off and still have a bike that is this "kool", thats what we're talking about.

Thad, Matt.. You guys make us proud!

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This bike was built as a raffle bike for the Shriner's Children's Hospital located in Greenville, North Carolina. We were contacted by Bill Matthews and Fred Hyder with "Showing Our Hearts For Kids", a group based in Hendersonville, North Carolina, that supports the hospital. They said that in the past they always raffled off a stock Harley and decided to "up the ante" a bit that year and have a "custom" built. Their request was: "Keep it simple, ridable, and paint it black". We thought "Hey, we can handle that!".

Well here it is, they liked it and we hope you do too. We are always glad to build a bike for charity groups, especially one to benefit the children. If you need a bike built for a charity group please give us a call so we can work out the details!!

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This bike was built for a good friend in Gastonia, North Carolina, Craig Lehr. Craig is a real MOPAR fan, and wanted a neat chopper to complement his tricked out SST truck. If you see this one on the road, watch out. You just might get "snake bit"!

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Sometimes words are simply not enough to describe something, this is one of those cases. Wild Horse is a culmination of 2 years of work, and more "changes" than can be counted. What started out as a "simple no-school chopper" as Steve called it, turned into this masterpiece, that although may be "no-school", it is "way cool".

Pictures can not come close to doing this bike justice, the detail is unbelievable. You can walk around the bike 4 times and still find things you didn't see the trip before. To say a lot of "blood, sweat, and beer" went into the bike would be an understatement.

It took a long time to put a rope around this one, and although she has been "rode" she will never be tame. In the words of the Indians, this one is truly a "Nahahe Moehnaoha", a "Wild Horse".

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Southside Customs is very pleased to present "Le Femme Fatale". Our answer to the many women who have told us they would love to have a custom motorcycle, but were not sure if the could handle it. Well ladies.. "We got ya covered!". This particular bike, "Tinkerbell" is the first of the series, and we are proud to say was the recipient of the "Best Of Show" award at "The Rat Hole" custom bike show that was held at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

"Tink" was a very special construction for a very "special" customer. Dawn has been riding for a few years now and attended several rallies and bike shows. She had her heart set that she wanted to step up from her "883" to a custom, but because of her height, she was worried that she may not be able to ride one.

When it was all said and done, not only could she ride it, she had the room to spare! The bike came in at 435 pounds ready to go with a seat height of a mere 18 inches, and that's on a soft-tail frame. After 250 miles of riding, Dawn's only complaint was that she wanted to know if we could take some of the padding "out" of the seat because when she got on the throttle hard it wanted to slide her off the bike.

We aren't going to try to list off all of the specs on this particular bike because with any "custom" bike all things vary. We build each one with specs to suit the individual's needs and size. So ladies, here's your chance to have the custom you have dreamed about. One built especially for you. Designed for you not only for your particular body size and style, but also fit to your budget. Give us a call so we can set you up with the bike you've always wanted.

We would like to thank a few people that are "behind the scenes" who deserve a lot of credit. Thad Cooke, for his fantastic paint work, Matt Hutchinson, from the weld shop for his help in fabrication, Buff, for the real neat exhaust set he came up with, and the entire shop staff.

We invite you to stop by our shop and check us out. Talk to us about your thoughts and let us design your dream-ride. Our goal is clear: "Excellence is not an option, It's a requirement". No Hype, No Drama, No T.V Cameras, just cool rides for everyone to enjoy.

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Who say's Trikes have to be boring?? We took the 3-Wheeled concept to a different level. Nothing "boring" about this Trike. From the Diamond Cut Ultima 127, polished 6 Speed, Polished Open Primary to the Dual Chain Drive/Dual 300 Rear Tires, this Trike screams attention!!! Top that all off with a Fire Red "Real Flames" paint job and folks you are Guaranteed to be noticed where ever you pull up! This is just another example of "Pictures don't do her justice". Come in and see for yourself.

This bike is Brand New and Never Titled and currently on the floor "FOR SALE". Call us for pricing and details! Serious inquires only please.

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