Our History

"If you can dream it, We can build it" is the code to which our lives revolve around. This code is born from an idea that started many years ago, and though we did not know it at the time, this code would be the foundation of a career.

In his years growing up Southside Customs founder, C.J. Sauer, spent his time pursuing his passion for mechanical engineering and music. During the week he could be found working with one uncle in the car garage, and on the weekends with another uncle playing drums in his band. As time went on, he got into drag racing and had to choose between building a life on racing or playing music.

Needless to say his 'need for speed' got his heart and turned into a career which he was able to participate in for the better part of thirty years. It was during those years that he developed an interest in working on motorcycles. In C.J.'s words "For me, riding became a way to put the 'business world' out of my head and just decompress and enjoy life a bit. What I found in this was the old cliche 'it's not the destination, it's the ride' was the truth. I also found out that for the ride to be enjoyable the bike your on needed to fit you, as an individual". After owning a few factory bikes and making countless modifications to them, he thought "hell, if I can build a race car, I can build a motorcycle". From that point a 25+ year learning curve began, setting the foundation for Southside Customs.

Our approach to building a Custom bike is different. First, "Custom" is the key word, we say "Custom.. Built like YOU want it". It doesn't do you any good for us to build it the way "we" want it, it's not "our" bike. That's why we do things the way we do. We take pride in our method, and spend and a lot of time with our clients BEFORE we ever bend the first stick of tubing. We get to know you as a person, what your riding experience is, what your preferred style of bike is, what your "vision" of the finished product is, and what your expectations of the bike are. We strive to make sure our clients are completely satisfied with their purchase. That is why we take the time in not only the design side but also the assembly side of the build to make sure your bike is put together to give you the most trouble free experience as possible. We build your bike in the same manor that a fine tailor would fit you a suit. We not only "talk" to you about your "vision" but we measure your height, weight, arm/leg reach to build you a bike that fits like a glove. All the trophies and awards we have won are great, but our biggest "award" comes from seeing the smile on your face after you have rode your bike and tell us "This is just what I wanted!!".

We have never locked ourselves into building one certain style of bike. You limit the customer by doing that because everyone is different. Everyone has their own style, their own likes and dislikes, and their own body size. Not everyone measures 5'9" 195 lbs. and that's what the factories base their specs on. We truly love building custom bikes, and it never gets old. Each bike is its own project for a different person, they are all different and they all have their own "personalities". We think that's what separates us from the other builders.

We take this same approach to everything we do in our business. Our service and dedication to our work is the same for all of our clients. It is the same whether we are building you a "ground up custom" or whether you just stopped in for a simple oil change on your Sportster. Everyone gets treated with the same respect because everyone plays a part in the business as a whole. We have two sayings that our business was built on: "No Hype, No Drama, No TV Cameras... Just really cool stuff" and "Excellence is not just a goal, It's a Requirement". We take this very seriously because to us this is more than just a "business". It's the way we live!!