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Shriners Bike

 This bike was built as a raffle bike for Shriners Children's Hostpital. We were contacted by Bill Matthews and Fred Hyder with "Showing Our Hearts For Kids", a group out of Hendersonville, NC that supports the Greenville Shriners Childrens' Hospital.

 In the past,they has always raffled a stock Harley and decided to "up the ante" a bit this year and have a "custom" built. Their request was this...."Keep it simple, rideable and paint it black!". I thought......"Hey, we can handle that!!!!"

 Well.......here it is, they liked it....We hope you do too! Tickets for the bike can be purchased simply my calling Southside Customs at 704-481-0133. Prices for the tickets are $10.00 each or 3 for $25. A small price to pay for a shot at this beautiful bike, plus the proceeds go to help the children. You can't lose either way!!

 PS. Does your charity group need a raffle bike????? Contact CJ at Southside and get the details worked out!!!

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