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Risky Business

 "The name pretty much says it all". That's a quote from C.J. About one of the most "super radical" bikes to ever pound down main street. In an industry that changes at the speed of light, this one stands alone.

 Not built for the faint of heart "Risky" will take your breath just looking at it. Folks, this sucker looks like it is going "mach-3" just sitting there. For C.J., who use to drive nitro funny cars before getting into building bikes for "kicks", this is a natural.

 In C.J.'s words, "we wanted to build something a bit different, kind of a street version of a top-fuel drag bike. The bike is a load of fun to ride. It's got the power to light the tire any time you want to. None of this "up against the wall" stuff, nope !! You can just reach up and grab a handful at a thirty roll and burn one." can you tell this guy loves horsepower, well this one's got it! Over 12½ feet from end to end, super low stance, monster rear rubber, cubic inches from hell, supercharger, and… like it needed it… nitrous!!!! C.J. Said, "well, to tell the truth, the bottle was a bit overkill" (ya think???)

 Folks, if you get a chance to go by the shop, you need to see this one in person. They say a picture is like a thousand word's, well no picture can do this bike justice. C.J. Wanted to make sure credit was given to all those who helped with this project. "I Just want to thank the entire Southside team for this build. I Put these guys thru hell on this one." a big "thank you" to Thad Cook for another great paint job, Matt Hutchinson from the weld shop, buff and his "super pipes", and last but truly not least, my brother Steve for the countless hours that went in to this deal."

 At the time this was written I can tell you the "time" paid off. The bike debut in Gaffney S.C. at the "Hames Biker Build-Off" and won the show. Two weeks later, in Concord N.C. At "Liquid Steel" the boys walked away with a pile of "steel" including the "Hooters Choice" award. Folks, these boys are serious. They got into this to prove a point, and there not backing off. There's business, and there's "Risky Business"…….. Nuff said!!!

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