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Junk Yard Dog

 This is a prime example of what can be done with "junk and imagination".

 Although I can't take a lot of credit for this bike, I felt it was worth putting on the site. Kudos go to Thad Cook, "The Paintman" and Matt Hutchinson, from the weld shop. You have heard me talk about these two guys before as Thad, our painter, and Matt is our master welder. well...... we have decided that they've got too much time on their hands!!!!!! (just kidding guys!)

 Thad, who outgrew his sportster, wanted to build a big-twin bike but had a very limited budget. This bike was put together mostly from old parts and junk sitting around the shop. Thad, who loves to drag race in his spare time, had an idea about using old car parts for a "hot-rod" theme. Since he had never rode a bike with a foot clutch and a suicide shifter before, he figured he would put the bike together and ride it for the rest of the summer to get used to it before he painted it, but......the bike has so much "attitude" like it is, What you see is what you get.

 I must admit, this was one of the most "fun" builds I have been involved with, and... I think it is one of the best. It reminds me of why we do this. We buld them to ride. They are simply a way to get together with friends and enjoy doing things together. Anybody can make one "look good" with chrome and paint.... but when you can leave all that stuff off and still have a bike that is this "kool"..... that's what i'm talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Thad, Matt......... you make me proud!!!!!!

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