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Dago Red

 This is it folks, the bike you have been asking for. We have had so many people wanting to "build there own bike" but..... found that all the so-called "kits" on the market left a lot to be desired. Well...... Southside Customs has changed all that. We now offer 5 different kits to get you on the road at a price you can afford.

 The bike you see in these pictures, "Dago-Red" was put together using southsides "S.O.B." kit, which stands for "Simple Old Bike" and folks what you see is what you get!!!!! It's a rigid frame/200 rear tire, 6 up 4 out, 40 degrees in the neck 110 cu. in. motor/6- speed tranny/open primary, Spoked wheels/avon tires, Wiring harness, oil/fluids, hell... It even comes with an assembly manual for the "do-it-yourselfer".

 Folks, you can't go wrong on this one. Everything you need is in the box, and it is all high quality pieces. All the hard work is done. We have done all the welding, all the fab work, set up all the spacing for you... just paint it, assemble it, put gas in it and go!!!!!!!! But, have no fear, if you're a little short on tools, or your time is tied up with a honey-do list... no problem, we'll put it together for you. And just to make this kit even better. It comes with a 3 year warrenty on the engine. Folks, it don't get much sweeter then that!!!!

 Dago Red not your style... not a problem. We have other kits to choose from. We've got 5 styles from an old school bobber to a bagger bike. Don't think you can put one together... no sweat, we can build your own custom creation from the ground up. Like our name says... "custom" built like you want it!!!!

Feel free to browse the gallery for this bike below, or visit our full gallery here.